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L7 was established in 2005 as a consulting, software and capital company. L7 brings business owners, energy installers, developers who want project capital and their worldwide capital markets funding source relationships together. L7 structures and simplifies complex projects obtaining credit approvals at reduced rates. L7 and Mike have a very strong track record of excellence in project consulting, obtaining funding approvals and completion of projects from $5 thousand to $100 million.

The principals of L7 Performance Management are former CEOs, presidents and general managers who desired to run their business with simplicity and clarity. They have worked for some of the best managed companies in the world including General Electric, IBM and BearingPoint, and have built and run several high growth mid-market companies. The senior team's background includes advanced degrees from MIT and Kellogg, and 70+ years combined experience managing growth businesses. The proven concepts behind the L7 Performance Manager™ solution have been successfully deployed and have helped to create clarity, simplicity and results for businesses for over five years.

The L7 Performance Management Company provides state-of-the-art performance management systems and products focused on helping our customers and partners achieve high performance. L7 Performance Management's organizational vision is to greatly advance management performance globally with breakthrough corporate innovations improving our customer's results, and most importantly, improving the lives of our partners and customers.

The L7 Performance Manager is a process which aligns strategy and projects with seven universal key business measures. The L7 system provides instant clarity while driving focus for record results...simplified. L7 Performance Management integrates the process of translating strategy into actionable projects, measures, and aligns the business to key company-wide goals. The system is also focused on improving businesses' speed and decision quality through targeting, innovating, and control with increased accountability to maximize results.