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Frequently Asked L7 Software as a Service Questions


What is the L7 System?
L7 is an on demand integrated management system for business leaders to easily connect and align their performance goals, projects and people. L7 is your executive dashboard, project tracking with an automatic employee appraisal system, all in one integrated system to successfully manage your business in real time. L7 makes managing easy.

What does it cost and what options do I have?
L7 offers four option plans to choose from. Click here to view them.

Does L7 have a training manual?
Yes, contact sales @L7pm.com, we can also provide webinar training

Glossary of terms:

  • 360 View - the pie chart showing the measures and or projects status
  • Project file – shows status of key milestones and percent complete
  • Data File – key measures of numerical target and status
  • Easy – easy employee appraisal system

Do you provide a demo or trial for your application/services?
On our website www.L7pm.com click on the 30 day free trial link in the upper right corner. Contact sales@L7pm.com for a free demo.

Does your application/services have specific requirements or require additional software/applications?
What are they (i.e. Requirements: Browsers, system, software requirements or software/applications: activeX, java)? No.

For Support?
We support customer all over the world, support@L7pm.com

Where do goif I cannot add users?
Select control admin at the top, then select add user, also see our L7 quick start video. Or email sales@L7pm.com

Will this work for my business?
Yes, it has been proven across a wide range of industries and business phases.

Who is it for?
L7 is designed for Leaders and employees in small to mid-sized businesses as well as business teams in large businesses.

What is the difference about L7?

  1. It is a all in one Management solution…executive dashboards, projects and appraisals fully integrated
  2. Normalized proprietary scoring systems give you a instant status of the business, projects and details
  3. You only need to learn one system
  4. It is less expensive than purchasing multiple system
  5. L7 offers proven Performance Acceleration Consulting (PAC) to compliment the system

L7 is your daily flash executive dashboard with project status and appraisals all integrated in real-time.

Do I need to download software? No

What about security?
Your data is stored on secure servers in SaS70 type II audited facilities. See more information on OpSource Security in the support section of the website www.OpSource.net

How do I upgrade?
email sales@L7pm.com

How do I add a user?
Click on control center and fill in tabs, your account will be automatically adjusted, you can also delete a user in the same way. Your monthly credit card bill will be adjusted accordingly.

How do I add a project?
Refer to quick start video or attend a L7 training video, or email sales@L7pm.com

How do I add a key measure?
Refer to quick start video or attend a L7 training video or email sales@L7pm.com

How do I set up an appraisal?
Refer to quick stat video or attend a L7 training video or email sales@L7pm.com

Are there partial refunds if I unsubscribe? 
No, given the month to month option you will be charge for the full month

Can I Cancel?
Yes, if you pay by credit card, terms are month to month. Simply send an email to cancel@l7pm.com.

If I subscribe during the month am I charged for the full month?
No, you are charged on a prorated basis

Is invoicing available?
On a pre-approved basis only, contact sales@L7pm.com

Do I have to put my credit card information in for the 30 day free trial? Yes

Do I have to put my credit card information in for the free version? No

What are the subscription terms & conditions? click here