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The System to drive profits, employee involvement, and simplicity in the new world

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The New World Business Challenges

This book is a step-by-step guide to help you transform your business into a high level performer on a par with the world’s best businesses—a new approach to performance management that we are calling “Level 7.” This approach works independently or combined with the best of current performance thinking, such as Six Sigma or Malcolm Baldrige. Either way it will help your business move up to the next level and put in motion the steps to allow you to become a Level 7 leader in the new world.

Changes in the world are happening at an increasingly rapid pace. Faster business market and job employment cycles, accelerating technology and global competition, new regulatory control and terrorism are changing the world that you are working in by the minute. This new, sometimes confusing, and often decentralized environment means that you, as a business owner, manager, or employee, need to sharpen your reflexes and reactions if you want to excel. Tom Peters aptly lays out what the new business world looks like in his book Re-imagine:

What Was   What Is
Steep bureaucratic, with lots
of “brass”
» Flat, decentralized with little “brass”
A job for life—key word: “career” » A life full of jobs—key word:
Success-to-failure cycles last decades » Success-to-failure cycles last
Technology supports change » Technology drives change
Employees » Talent
Technology helps link parts of the organization » The network is the organization
Every department uses IS/IT » Every department lives on the web
Every one labors under strict
“need to know” rules
» Every employee has access to know everything
We are proud of being close to the customer » We are proudly “at one” with our customer
“Silos” and “stovepipes” » One seamless enterprise
Depend on admin support “back at the ranch” » Carry a wireless “office” wherever you go
Get big fast » Get a clue
Passive Board of Directors » Pushy Board of Directors
Acquisitions: buying bulk » Acquisitions: buying innovation

Despite what is obviously a sea change, performance management until now has stayed mired in 1980s thinking and design. A Level 7 system allows you to position your business to make the most of this decentralized new world.

Many new decentralized forces have manifested themselves in our lives today. The Internet is one of the key drivers for the new global challenges. We are in a new phase for strategy and business performance. Many businesses and organizations have already recognized the power of these forces and have used them to unite and grow their businesses.

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