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Section 2

Characteristics of Level 7
Companies and CEOs

Some companies have already made the transition to Level 7 principles by making the changes that are needed in order to adapt and prosper in the new decentralized world. In this section, we will show you what makes these performers stand out from the rest of the field.

As any student of Business 101 knows, all businesses require a viable product or service, attention to customers, and an existing or created market in order to succeed. Looking beyond this, we find that what has historically separated the mediocre performers from the world’s highest ranked businesses are two major components: inspired, talented leadership, and thoughtful process management.

In addition to the two qualities that define the highest performers, there is now a third leg to the stool:

In the new decentralized world, before you can transform your business to its highest potential, Level 7, you need to have highly functional, responsive, and adaptable performance management systems in place.
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