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The L7 Performance Management™ system and process provides recurring income to L7 Partners. If you or your firm has management consulting expertise in Strategy, Coaching, Project, Turn Around, Out-Sourcing or in the L7 Verticals of Revenue (Sales), Compliance, Income (Finance), Employee (HR), Balanced Scorecard, Malcolm Baldridge, Six Sigma, or you specific have industry expertise (L7 works well across all industries)...please send us an email and we can show you how you can increase your average client sales and create a recurring income stream for your practice with L7.

Network Partner
As a Network Partner, you will have the opportunity to be referred to the customer base in your area of expertise. This is a free customer generation and money making program to help grow your business. We only asked for reciprocating website links to increase both of our referral volume potential.

Management Consulting Partner
Management Consulting Partners receive all the benefits of the Network Partner Program plus, a L7 Partner kit including placement on the site, lead referral, esell sheets, epresentation and proposal templates, webinar training, and much more. The cost is $199 a month.  To sign up go to the sign up tab for the 30 day free trial option (minimum 3 users) or email partners@L7pm.com.

Education Partner
As an Education Partner, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book Level 7 Performance and discounts on L7 training materials and systems. This applies to educators ranging from MBA professors to Management Coaches. This is a free program to help grow management effectiveness. We only asked for reciprocating website links.

To become a partner or learn more about helping your clients achieve record results please click here partner@L7pm.com or call or 919 946-0108