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The L7 Suite:

  • Your executive Performance dashboard, Projects and employee appraisals all in one and on demand
  • All you need for record results, simplified
  • Cell phone browser visibility
  • Scalable with monthly upgrades or downgrades at will ....includes SAS 70 sever security
  • Up & running in minutes with no IT resources required and no multiple systems to learn
  • Customizable metrics & project, instant history feature, Fully downloadable Excel, Power Point, Word
  • Affordable month to month subscription
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Subscription Options:

$24 / user / month - Small Business/Education Institutions

Consists of the full L7 Performance Management Suite without Performance Acceleration Consulting (PAC). This option is only available to small businesses (< $5 million in annual revenues with < 10 employees) and Educational institutions.
Your Integrated Performance executive Dashboard, Projects & Appraisals.

Performance Executive Dashboard:

  • 360° view of the entire business, department, group, project with ability drill down
  • Intuitive red, yellow green standardized scoring indicators instantly gives you status

Project Collaboration:

  • Full Milestone, task, accountability tracking & visibility...so everyone is on the same page
  • Status automatically feeds performance appraisals

Easy Performance Appraisals:

  • Automatic real-time feed of projects and performance results ...your 75% done before you start your review
  • Easy to use with email alerts and ability to also appraise venders and outsource employees

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$199 / user/ month – Platinum Customized Professional Services

The Platinum Option includes all the above in the full user suite options PLUS the following professional services via online collaborative meetings.

Customized Professional set up:

  • Set up your key strategic measures sessions to customized to your top strategic goals
  • Set up your key strategic projects
  • Set up your employee appraisal goals

Customized Training:

  • Online Training sessions for up 1000 employees

Ongoing General Manager Performance Consulting Support:

  • Quarterly online meeting follow-up, to fine tune key measures and projects to ensure performance targets are on track

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Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan includes full L7 Performance Management system PLUS full on site Performance Acceleration consulting (PAC). Contact your L7 Sales Rep for Pricing sales@L7pm.com.

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Free Version for 60 days

The free version is restricted to 2 users and 15 MG of memory. It provides for unlimited activities (creating data or project files, updating, etc.) for first 60 days. With the Free Version, short email surveys are required so we may improve our product for you.

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Within 6 months of using the L7 system the
average company achieves double digit results

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