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  • 2017/2018 tax law changes are here!…contact L7 on utilizing the new tax law to benefit your company…
    100% Bonus depreciation and section 179 expensing!

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  • L7 Capital to attend NEFA Funding Symposium 2016 October 6-9 at the Mall of the Americas Bloomington MN

  • L7 Performance Management design wins American Graphic Design Award...

  • L7 Performance Management to Exhibit at CONFAB: Software as a Service is Smarter for Consultants...

  • Software as a Service is Smarter: More Control and Lower Costs Mean Better Business...

  • L7 selected to speak at NESCON; the North East Supply Chain Conference in Marlboro MA. October 6, 2008...

  • OpSource Empowers L7 Performance Management to Deliver End-to-End Business Management System in Real-Time...

Management success in today's radically changing business environment

L7 Transparency Alignment Accountability and Control

L7 is a company that provides equipment leasing, management consulting and software as service solutions. Industries served include: energy, manufacturing, corporate aircraft, technology, healthcare, hospitality and transportation. We assist businesses by providing equipment and project financing. We achieve this through the combination of our L7 equipment financing funding process, a proven Performance Management Acceleration Consulting (PAC) program and the proprietary L7 Performance Management software as a Service (SaaS) system.

L7 Capital:
L7 provides worldwide leasing of projects and equipment. Our L7 process provides funding for your equipment and project needs with record results.  We have been assisting business owners with successful equipment and project fundings for over a decade.

Program Highlights:

  • Equipment and project funding up to $100 million
  • Simple application only for projects/equipment, up to $100,000
  • Wide range of accepted equipment and projects including: HVAC, solar, LED, EV, restaurant, medical, hotel, AV, software, survey, security, fitness, manufacturing, signage, furniture, car wash, real estate and others
  • Up to 100% funding
  • Funding ability worldwide
  • Over 50 capital markets partners
  • Over 30 years experience in funding projects and getting results
  • Management Consulting & proprietary software provided on request

The L7 Funding Process is a simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Target owner needs: Business owner fills out simple one page credit application from L7 website, and provides background information

  2. Innovate: L7 reviews owner information, structures, conducts investor reviews and provides funding options

  3. Control: Approvals, documents & funding

L7 Management Consulting and Software as a service products:

Maximizing sales and managing in today's complex environment is a difficult task...

  • You set strategic goals … and people work on other things
  • You want to run a lean business…but how do you know what costs are really essential?
  • You tell employees that you’re available to help … and you don’t hear about problems until it’s too late
  • You don’t want to micro-manage … yet you’re not sure if projects are on track
  • You hate reports … but how will you know what progress is being made?
  • And every year you have to do an employee appraisal … but you never seem to have the timely information

Does that sound like your day at work?
Join CEOs and managers that have transformed their organizations and have improved their results by implementing the L7 Performance Management® solution.

We start with Performance Acceleration consulting (PAC) that establishes the groundwork to set up the L7 System. PAC includes ...

  • Business Leader session - Fine tune baseline goals & measurements
  • Sr. Staff Session - Projects/Metrics/Accountability
  • Training Sessions - For leaders and employees
  • Check-up sessions - Insures you are maximizing L7 capabilities

L7 Performance Management® System

  • L7 tracks what you want to track – key numbers and projects
  • Fully Customizable measures and projects
  • Progress takes only 30 seconds to update
  • Each number and project has an owner – someone you assign
  • Results are immediately visible to anyone you give access
  • Changes are visible in a color-coded dashboard and roll up
  • Web-based system so company status is available wherever there’s a browser (even your cellular Phone)
  • Employee’s activity is automatically rolled into their appraisal so it reflects what they actually did

L7 is your Simple Performance Management Suite, All in One, and On Demand

L7 System = Executive Dashboard + Project Management + Employee Appraisal System

The L7 Suite: Easily Connect your Performance, Projects and People, Cell phone browser visibility, Scalable with monthly upgrades or downgrades at will, full security protocol, Up & running in minutes with no IT resources required and no multiple systems to learn, Customizable metrics & projects, instant history feature, Fully downloadable Excel, Power Point, Word, Affordable monthly subscription.

Executive Dashboard: Know the status of your business, department or project 24-7. 360º view with ability drill down Intuitive red, yellow green standardized scoring indicators instantly gives you status and roll up score

Project Management: Full Milestone, task, accountability tracking & visibility, so everyone is on the same page and automatically feeds performance appraisals

Easy Employee Performance Appraisals: Automatic real-time feed of projects and performance results, your 75% done before you start your review, email alerts and ability to also appraise venders and outsourced employees

This performance management system has been proven effective across a wide variety of industries. The web-based performance system can be up and running in minutes and requires no IT resources to install.

Start anywhere in your company and grow the system as your results grow from a key project team, to a department, division or the entire enterprise.

Sign up now and gain instant access to your L7 performance management system or contact us for a personal consultation with an L7 specialist. Email Sales@L7pm.com.



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